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At Inclusive Elearning, we understand that each organisation faces unique challenges when it comes to creating a workplace where everyone feels at able to be themselves and valued. That’s why, besides our off-the-shelf products, we offer bespoke e-learning solutions that cater to your specific needs and goals.

We’ll work with you to design and deliver engaging and effective courses that address your unique challenges around diversity and inclusion. So whether it’s training on unconscious bias, creating an inclusive recruitment process, or promoting allyship in the workplace, we have you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our bespoke e-learning services and how we can help your organisation thrive.

diverse group of people working in an office

Our Products

Our off-the-shelf topic-focused content are designed to give learners those “AHA” moments that will have an impact, leave a lasting impression and change their behaviour. 

Two Colleagues in a cafe talking, one saying something inappropriate that the other reacts to

Microaggressions in the workplace

(Available Jun 2024) Discover microaggressions and learn how to avoid them with our eLearning course.
White male smiling while interviewing a female candidate wearing a hijab

Recruiting Diverse Candidates

(Available Jun 2024) Foster diversity and avoid common errors with our animated eLearning scenario on inclusive recruitment.

Multi ethnicities of various people face portraits

Diversity Awareness

(Available Aug 2024) This educational video highlights the importance of diversity awareness and its impact on inclusivity in the workplace.
Leader giving a presentation to a diverse group

Unconscious Bias in Leadership

(Available Oct 2024) Our eLearning course explores unconscious bias in leadership and provides tips to avoid it.


Our eLearning courses cover a wide range of topics related to inclusion and diversity, including unconscious bias, microaggressions, inclusive leadership, and more.

Our eLearning courses come in a variety of formats. Video content will generally be in Mp4 and eLearning content will generally be in SCORM or xAPI however, some video content might also be SCORM. 

The length of our eLearning courses varies depending on the topic and format.  Off-the-shelf courses should be able to be completed within 20 mins. The length of bespoke courses depend on the identified needs of your organisation. 

Yes, our eLearning courses come with tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor your employees’ progress and completion rates. However, you will need to check with your Learning Management System (LMS) in regards to how much detail will be tracked. Our videos can also come with tacking abilities, but again it would depend on the capabilities of your LMS, which you would have to check. 

  1. Off-the-shelf products: We give you the chance to try the product or view it for free to help you determine if a product is right for you needs. 
  2. Bespoke products: We offer a free 30 minute consultation to talk about your needs. If a more detailed conversation is required we offer a discovery service where we can meet (normally virtually) with you and key stakeholders and explore your needs in more detail. Contact us to find out more about our discovery service and related costs. 

Yes, we offer previews of our eLearning courses and videos to give you a sense of their content and style, prior to you purchasing. Contact us to get access. 

Yes, we offer bespoke eLearning solutions that cater to your organisation’s specific needs and goals.

No, we don’t currently offer discounts for bulk purchases of our eLearning courses or videos. However, as our library grows, this might be something we offer in the future so make sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you are kept up-to-date with any changes to our offerings. 

  1. Off-the-shelf: Since we offer you the chance to preview, in full, all products before purchasing, to check it is right for your needs, all sales are final. 
  2. Bespoke: Since we are creating content specifically for your organisation, once we hand you over the completed product, all sales are final. Prior to the point of handing over the completed product, we will work with you to make sure it meets your specific needs and requirements and you are happy. 
  1. Off-the-shelf: We offer 30 days support, post purchase of off-the-shelf products.
  2. Bespoke: We offer 30 days support, post delivering the completed product to you, on Bespoke packages. 

Contact us today to let us know which off-the-shelf products you are interested in or to start a conversation about our bespoke courses offer. 

  1. Off-the-shelf: The off-the-shelf elearning and videos come with our own light-touch branding. This is helps Elearning Inclusion increase it’s reached and thus allows us to offer our 0ff-the-shelf solutions at a competitive price. There is no option to remove this branding. 
  2. Bespoke: for bespoke eLearning you can have whatever branding you like. It’s your bespoke product so you have control over the branding. 
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