I’m Carlton the founder of Inclusive Elearning.

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In August 2023, I created the Inclusive Elearning website with a mission to promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace. With eight years of experience as a mental health professional, I witnessed firsthand the harm caused by non-inclusive behaviour and environments.

Later in my career, I became a Digital Learning Specialist, developing a passion for online training and development. Through this experience, I saw the potential for e-learning to create positive change in individuals and organisations hence why I created Inclusive Elearning.

Creating More Inclusive Workplaces Through Innovative Education​

In today’s world, diversity and inclusion are essential values organisations must prioritise. But unfortunately, many organisations need help creating an inclusive culture and understanding how to develop a diversity and inclusion strategy.

We Understand the Challenges

At Inclusive Elearning, we know the challenges of building an inclusive workplace. Our founder, Carlton Johnson, worked as a mental health professional early in his career and saw first-hand how marginalisation and a lack of inclusivity can harm individuals and organisations. Later in his career, Carlton became a digital learning specialist and began to see eLearning’s power in promoting inclusion and diversity.

Through his work, Carlton discovered that many organisations simply don’t know how to create an inclusive culture and don’t understand the importance of diversity and inclusion and how it can benefit their organisation. As a result, many are losing valuable employees because of a lack of diversity or failure to attract diverse candidates in the first place.

How We Can Help

At Inclusive Elearning, we’re committed to helping organisations overcome these challenges. We offer off-the-shelf eLearning products that cover various topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. These products are designed to help your learners to understand the importance of inclusivity in the workplace and provide practical strategies for building a more diverse and inclusive culture.

We'll Meet You Where You Are At

We also recognise that every organisation is unique, with its own specific needs and challenges. That’s why we offer bespoke e-learning solutions tailored to your organisation’s values, goals, and specific focus areas. We work closely with you to understand your organisation’s particular challenges and develop a solution that meets your needs.

The Benefits

Our eLearning solutions provide a way to create a more inclusive culture within your organisation. By promoting diversity and inclusion, you’ll potentially see benefits like improved employee morale, enhanced customer relationships, and a more positive workplace culture.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower organisations with the knowledge and tools needed to create inclusive and diverse workplace cultures that value and respect all individuals.

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Our Vision

We envision a future where organizations prioritize inclusivity and diversity, fostering workplaces that are welcoming, equitable, and empowering for all.

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